Pre-research Speculative Design 1

AI Powered NYC Ramen Blog

What happens when we employ AI in one of the Internets most personal spaces, social media? I explored this idea through an AI powered Ramen Blog on Instagram. The AI takes random images of ramen noodles and amalgamates them with a random reviews - posting the review on Instagram as if a person reviewing a local ramen restaurant. While very rudimentary, the nature of the blog immediately picks up an personality (of sorts). 

What stemmed from this explorations was the idea of a corporate personality. Companies attempt to hold a personality through carefully curates public relations, press releases and social media interactions. Could AI embody a personality that is more aligned with a company than a team of humans running the the companies social media? Essentially through designing the personality, language nuances, interests and values of a company, could this a company live its social media life autonomously? Almost certainly and I would be surprised if companies ran their social media autonomously already.

Screenshot 2017-10-07 18.30.41.png