Users and Stakeholders


The primary user group this thesis aims to serve is the owner. The consumer, end user, human, whatever they may be called depending on the product segment. My work is for the people who will interact with the object for the majority of the objects lifetime. During design process of an object there tens, if not hundreds of stakeholders from designers to shareholders to marketers, to manufactures. Of all the people involved in this process, the end user very likely has the least say in what their product is. In some cases the marketing team build a story around the objects so curated we buy the product to embody the story told to us rather than mould this object into our own narrative. This is especially the case with lifestyle products such as perfume. We buy the product base on the image it presents to us. It offers something we want to inherit. However can we reverse this chain of power and redesign the human into the product narrative. Employ the human not necessarily in the design process, but the greater narrative of the object, it’s meaning, value creating and the relationship developed between the object and its owner. I hope the work of this thesis will explore opportunities for the human experience to reengage with our contemporary material culture.

Louis Elwood-LeachComment