The Scope of My Thesis with 10 Weeks Remaining

With 72 days left to complete my thesis I am beginning to slow down on idea generation and speed the implementation of my ideas. In the fist half of the thesis year I developed 12 concepts through rapid sprints. As the scope of my work narrowed so did the projects relevant to my thesis. Moving forward, I will be developing 6 of these 12 projects to build the basis of my thesis. 

Here is a summary of the 6 projects I am currently working on and how they relate to my thesis: 

First Hand Watch  (PRODUCT – EXHIBITION) The most personal object no-one else would want to own. First Hand explores how objects of mass manufacture, mass customisation and DIY employ the human experience. The object I will create will bring my thesis full circle from the carriage clock that initially inspired my thesis. Personally, this watch will provide me a souvenir of my masters in New York. 

Tour De Citi (EXPERIENCE – VIDEO) Just like the objects we consume inform who we are, the humans an object interacts with informs what it is. Tour De Citi aim to capture stories from objects of the sharing economy and build a ‘personality’ for the objects through a social media channel. For this experience I have submitted a proposal to work with CitiBikes to document the life of one bike. This project is a development from Uber Autonomy and  alludes to a future when products talk back. 

Displayer (SERVICE - PRODUCT - VIDEO) Today, we live in an era of invisible media. We’ve lost real, tangible objects to hold and collect. The Displayer is a service and product concept that aims to bring contemporary function to our objects of aura. The Displayer also enables users to associate media with any object, rethinking the relationship with the objects we own.

Flaneur (APP) Flaneur is a mobile application that connects invisible products to physical space by notifying the user when they come in contact with a physical location associated with an invisible products they consume such as music, movies or social media. Flaneur explores the idea of the city as a spared space and builds a greater connection between the consumption of media and the physical spaces they relate to. This project is a development from OffBeat.

Retroessence (PRODUCT - EXPERIENCE) Marketing builds a story for a product that we attach ourselves to. Retroessence is a unique branding and product concept that aims to allow users to imbed a product with their own story. I will further develop this concept. 

Shelve Your Things (PRODUCT - PLATFORM) Shelve Your Things is a furniture concept that uses parametric design to build around you possessions, opposes to fitting your possessions into the furniture. I will continue to develop the user interface of the platform that drives this product.

Louis Elwood-LeachComment