Defining Where My Thesis is Positioned


While my research and work apply a speculative design approach to explore what our material culture might look like in the Augmented Age, and how our relationship with possessions might change. The majority of my work is intended to fit within our contemporary material culture and designed with the possibility of immediate release in mind. Because of this my work is positioned between multiple dichotomies. 

Physical and Digital: Enhance our relationship with physical possessions and bring physicality to digital products. 

Analog and Technology: I seek to look beyond technological notions of mass customisation and utilise analogue ideologies such as craft, appropriation, and association to personalise the objects of the new economy. My work is technology informed but not technology driven to identify opportunities new technology such as machine learning offer to influence our material culture. 

Possession and Access: Explore the intersections of possession and access. I hope to bring the inherit relationship we have with possession to the objects we access. I don’t believe in the future we will loose complete possession over all our objects so I will also explore enhancing our relationship with possessions.

Louis Elwood-LeachComment