Nest Scents



Nest Scents is a speculative home automation product that explores the interaction between scent, memory, and environment. Connected to the internet and controlled through the Nest app, Nest Scents is a digital air freshener and aromatherapy device that blends and vaporises essential oils to recreate scents chosen by the user.

I envision Smart Scents as a device to enhance the home or work experience with controlled scent ambiance. Similar to existing products such as the Phillips Hue bulb that change the feeling of a room through light, Nest Scents can change the emotion of a room through scent.

Although there are fragrance products designed to mask or eliminate odour, Nest Smart offers a wider range of choice and flexibility for those who wish to add fullness to their experiences with scent. If someone wanted to be reminded of home, for example, they could type 'baked bread' into the app (or speak it to a voice AI such as Alexa), and Smart Scents would recreate the emotion of that time. 

Retail stores are beginning to explore scent as a design material, so perhaps Nest Scents might have commercial applications as well.





This project was part of a larger exploration into fragrance which originated with a packaging redesign for a small perfume bottle. The perfume, which supposedly embodied the aroma of New York City, was sent to me as a gift from my mum. I explored the concept of ‘sharing scent’ before developing Nest Scents. At first I wasn't sure if the concept was a realistic vision that could exist in the world. But by visualising it within the brand language of Nest and the home automation/smart device category, I feel I transformed a fairly ridiculous idea into a pretty believable product. A speculative product for the future of fragrance distribution.


Nest Scents, 2016
Project: School of Visual Art (2 weeks) 
Published: Products of Design Blog

The Nest brand is copyright of Nest Labs.