Retroessence Olfactory Memory Kit is an experience design exploration in scent and memory. When you open the kit, the room will fill with a beautiful aroma you have never smelt before. Moments can be captured. Honeymoons, vacations, celebrations - this moment is captured, forever in association with the scent. The kit contains a perfume bottle, scented candle and note card. After noting the memorable event on the card the memory can be recalled with a spray of perfume or by filling the room with the scent of the candle.

Scent is our best way to recall memory. Behavioural studies believe that scent can trigger vivid emotional memories better than images. Retroessence uses ‘abstract’ scents - a unique combination of essences that you have very likely never experienced before. By assigning a new scent to a memorable moment, Retroessence enables you to capture a the moment. Recreating this scent through wearing the perfume or lighting the scented candle recalls explicit memories from this moment.