Manifesto for the Rebirth of Industrial Design in the Third Industrial Revolution. 


The next Industrial Revolution has begun, marked by the democratisation of tools of creation, means of production, and infrastructure of distribution. Industrial designers, no longer limited to traditional ideas of production of previous Industrial Revolutions, must embrace the new opportunities offered by the digital age, and rethink what it means to design and manufacture on a mass scale for a global market.

The Third Industrial Revolution offers an opportunity for the rebirth of industrial design - the role of the industrial designer is transforming into the role of design thinker as they apply their knowledge to a broader range of applications which lie within the synergy between...

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Think collaboratively.
Empower design over the designer.

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The Maker Movement is industrialising the DIY spirit. Digital design, digital manufacture and digital distribution allow anyone to create, produce, and sell their own designs. This massive shift in power blurs the line between consumer and producer, amateur and professional. By constructing, creating and managing the infrastructure of creation, manufacture and distribution, the industrial designer can work at the intersection of creativity, culture and commerce, connecting Designers, Makers and Companies in this new democratised space.




Design beyond a ‘one size fits all’ mentality.
Economies of scale no longer apply.

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Production is no longer limited to traditional notions of unified manufacture. The world's factories are opening up as internet based services, offering on-demand digital manufacture to everyone. By removing specialised tooling and distribution costs, bespoke designs can now be manufactured at a price competitive to traditional mass manufacture.

Mass Manufacture



Act locally on a global scale.
Manufacture is decentralising and the marketplace is centralising.

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No longer limited to the offering of a single company, through distributed design consumers have access to a multitude of designers, tastes and styles, that better fit their niche. A design sold through the internet is immediately international, catering to global subcultures. Equally, local design applied to a global product offers cultural sustainability by allowing designers to localise production to suit the environments and cultures of the country of consumption.




Think beyond the product.
Design and manufacture is digitising.

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Industrial design is at the intersection of virtual and real. Anything that can be drawn digitally can be produced physically. No longer limited to the design and production of a product, industrial designers can now just as easily sell the digital design file or the means to design and the means to manufacture.




Embrace the machine as a tool of craft.
Everyone can access the means of production.

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A skilled hand is no longer a prerequisite to craft as software and digital manufacture remove the need for mastery achieved over time. The role of the artisan transitioned into the role of the industrial designer through the uprise of the machine however the craft of the artisan can be recaptured by the industrial designer through mastery of the machine.




Fit our abilities and redefine our limitations.



Rebirth of Industrial Design - Personal Manifesto, 2015
Project: Victoria University
Exhibited: Victoria University SoAD End of Year Exhibition 2015