Windows 10 Smart Working Sets

How can Artificial Intelligence enhance the Windows 10 experience?


Smart Working Sets
2017 (1 months)

Research & UX Design

Microsoft UX Design Internship

Smart Working Sets explores how artificial intelligence (AI) can enhance the Windows 10 Working Sets feature to create greater flow when completing daily tasks. Through utilising AI Thinking, I identified pain-points in the user journey and avalaible signals that AI can utilise to passively and actively improve the users flow in a individual and team scinario. This project builds on the existing Windows 10 Working Sets feature.


Working Sets are …

a collection of related objects a user would like to create, curate, and rehydrate – in hopes to fulfil a task.

Smart Working Sets = Working Sets + AI

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Experience Map

User journey when completing tasks on Windows 10

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Individual Scenario

How can AI enhanced working sets enable multitasking with great focus and flow?

Findings from individual scenario:

  • AI enhanced Working Sets have to opportunity to reduce distractions, automate tasks and prioritise activities.
  • Many AI enhancement are possible today with existing technology. 


Team Scenario

How can Smart Working Sets improve the work flow of teams by intelligently managing, coordinating and prioritising individuals Working Sets?

Findings from team scenario:

  • AI enhanced Working Sets has tremendous opportunity to increase team productivity. 
  • Opportunity to facilitate collaboration when hierarchy is removed.