Planetary Movement


A machine to move a pin. Five rods act as a ring gear surrounding two sets of planetary gears. The longer of the five rods holds the pin which slowly revolves around the sculpture. When the longer rod interacts with the second set of planetary gears it can no longer rotate and the motor and battery housing atop of the sculpture is forced to rotate, reversing the direction of the planetary motion.


Victoria University, 2014 (4 weeks) 
Materials: Laser-cut Plywood, Turned Aluminium, DC Motor & a Pin
Exhibited: Victoria University SoAD End of Year Exhibition 2015

Pompidou Pen

Telescopic ballpoint pen inspired by the functional aesthetic of the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. Manufactured from turned aluminium and 3D printed ABS.

Expressing Emotion - Material Exploration


This object explores the emotion of anger through the visual and audible languages of materiality, form, sound, and gesture. Sharp acrylic disks, in conjunction with burnt Kauri, create an impression of unapproachability in the object, and a desire to let it be. The object sits uneasy on a ring of sharp edges. Cut down the centre, a motorised disk spins, grinding and rocking the object, reflecting the otherwise hidden emotions exposed through anger.


Victoria University, 2013 (3 weeks)
Materials: Carved and Burnt Kauri, Laser-cut Acrylic & DC Motor
Exhibited: SoAD End of Year Exhibition 2013, Victoria University, Wellington



This object explores the poetic, conceptual qualities that occur when bringing two disparate materials together. I was fascinated by the relationship I could create between the warm, organic wood and the contrasting cold industrial concrete through forms and material finishes. Despite the stark division between the two materials, the exposed grain of the sand blasted Oregon and the stepped form of the cast concrete elegantly blended the two materials into a single entity. Through interacting with the object a steel ballbearing inside the object provides sensory feedback reflective of the materials and textures. 


Victoria University, 2013 (3 weeks)
Materials: sandblasted Oregon, cast concrete, steel ball bearing
Exhibited: SoAD End of Year Exhibition 2013, Victoria University, Wellington
Published: Victoria University Architecture and Design Information Booklet 2014

Gentle Grip

Victoria University, 2013 (3 weeks)
Materials: Cibatool