3D Printed Lens & Production Concept

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Designed Regeneration
2015 (4 months) 

Recycled lens elements, FDM 3D printed PVA

Research & Product Design

Victoria University of Wellington
Guidance from Ross Stevens


This 3D printed lens was designed as part of a research proposal into a digital manufacture concept I imagined called Designed Regeneration.

Designed regeneration is a concept devised in response to designed obsolescence. The aim was to create products that remain current through generations. Designed regeneration increases the lifespan of a product by reusing specialised components and recycling core materials to match current technologies and trends - It is the equivalent of a software update for physical objects. 

Working Prototype

These photos were taken with the 3D printed prototype.

The prototype was 3D Printed on a consumer grade FDM 3D printer and incorporated recycled glass elements. 

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Manufacture Process

Designed Regeneration: transforming the life-cycle of products through 3D printing


Designed Regeneration production concept was built around the idea that soon everyone will have 3D printers at home. Products are manufactured in PVA plastic on an consumer grade printer. Specialised components are assembled into the product as it prints. As technology evolves, or trends change, the PVA plastic can be dissolved and reused, allowing the product to ‘regenerate’ into an updated form, while re-utilising its specialised components.