Nutritious, Delicious and Definitely Not Suspicious. Deliciously Fruity Treat Made with Real Bugs!



Bugs have been used to sell sugar for years, Gummy Bugs uses sugar to sell bugs. These edible treats are a fun way to introduce highly sustainable and nutritious foods into children’s regular diets. 

Gummy Bugs aims to normalise entomophagy, the practice of eating bugs, by creating a desirable treat that kids want to buy. Children today need to explore alternative sources of protein in order to live sustainably and combat our dangerous free house gas emissions as a result of our reliance on meat as a primary source of protein. Gummy Bugs builds our children’s portfolio of foods that they can eat as they grow into a changing world. Gummy Bugs aims to be the first treat children want to buy with their own allowance. Positioned at children’s first unsupervised shopping experiences - the candy isle. Gummy Bugs empower our children to decide what their generating will eat, unsupervised from the stigma of their parents generation.

Gummy Bugs
2017 (3 months) 

Product, Brand, Experience & Packaging

Juho Lee & Jiani Lin

School of Visual Arts
Guidance from Hlynur Atlason




Gummy Bugs are gummy a classic sugar and gelatine based treat with one unusual ingredient. Dehydrated silk worms and crickets. To manufacture Gummy Bugs, insects are ground up before being mixed into a liquid mixture of sugar, fruit flavours, corn syrup, gelatine and food colouring. The mixture is then poured into insect-shaped moulds that resemble the insect the mixture contains.