DIY Smart Speaker


DIY Smart Speaker is a free Instructable I designed which I hope will bring contemporary function to old speakers.

With this project I’m exploring bringing warmth to the technology of the augmented age through DIY and the objects you already have and love. Smart Speakers are a Trojan horse. While they look like products - they’re tricking us. They’re platforms that are selling us stuff. They’re cold, impersonal, soulless devices - We need to have warm relationships with this technology if its going to stick. I want to revision smart speakers by turning them back into products. 

I discovered we can replicate the core function of the smart speaker with any audio enclosure, any portable speaker, and any old iPhone. By upgrading these objects of aura we personalise the technology creating something more meaningful and imbedded in our life. My DIY Smart Speaker is made from an old 1970s shelf speaker. Compared to exisiting smart speakers - the old speaker gave me a completely different relationship with the technology.