Brainstorming platform designed to foster fresh ideas & global perspectives for collaborative ideation

2016 (1 week)

Andrew Schlesinger (video)

School of Visual Art
Guidance from Allan Chochinov (concept) & Michale Chung (video)


I conceptualised Crowdstorm after experiencing the power of collaborative brainstorming sessions with my classmates. Taking my ideas out of my own head and developing them with the diverse perspectives and professional background of my classmates took my ideation to a whole new level. The idea with Crowdstorm is to offer me not only a way to take ideas out of my own head, but out of the classrooms, to receive a global perspective. Through Crowdstorm, individuals or companies can develop their ideas in a diverse global community.

Crowdstorm uses weather as a metaphor to visualise how concepts grow during the ideation process. This simple taxonomy reflects the amount of participation that an idea receives: The deeper the brainstorm the darker the weather. For example a cloudy icon alerts the Crowdstorm community to an emerging idea, whereas a lightning storm identifies a fully fleshed out idea. 



Crowdstorm reflects my ideologies of what a good brainstorms entails; collaborative, wildly diverse, high quantity,  and not protective of the ideas generated. 

A unique feature of Crowdstorm is that it builds on the concept of karma. If you add to someone else’s idea, the platform prioritises your idea. This idea comes from identifying how helpful it is to take a break from my work and contribute to someone else’s. If I share my ideas with other people, I return to my work focuses with a fresh perspective. Crowdstorm encourages everyone to pay it forward.

Currently I envision Crowdstorm helping individuals by providing an open space to rally around good ideas and helping companies by providing a new way to engage with their customers, including them as a part of the ideation and decision-making process. I continue to explore and develop the ideologies presented in Crowdstorm every day.