Working part time in a cafe to support my studies I have always been fascinated by the coming and going trends of coffee.

CoolBrew Tea & Coffee Maker - Object Design


CoolBrew is a product concept for cold brewing. Tea or coffee brews in the cup overnight. When ready the cup is flipped upside down onto a glass to allow the liquid to filter through the cap. 

The form of the brewer references flowing liquid and suggests its function. The brewer was designed to be manufactured through injection and blow moulding.   

Full development available at:


CoolBrew Tea & Coffee Maker - Object Design, 2014
Materials: vacuum formed ABS, FDM 3D printed ABS, PolyJet 3D printed filter cap
Project: Victoria University (3 weeks)
Exhibited in: SoAD End of Year Exhibition 2015, Victoria University, Wellington